Mouse Reeve


Social reading and reviewing

minimalist piano forever

Strangeloop 2019

new fruits

Pomological futurology


Erik Satie forever

mapping imaginary cities

Strangeloop 2018

unfamiliar city

A guide for the offbeat traveler

dockerlang with coco walsh

A Turing-complete language based on docker containers

in the key of OCR

Converting sheet music to audio with OCR and text to speech

A Dcntralizd and Fdratd Social Ntwork

bird facts

More like bird malicious gossip

antiquated omi

A novel in collaboration with Ernest Hemingway and the Wordnik API

all alone now with Emily E. Meo

Are we alone in the universe? In the world?


How much longer do I have left

drift with Julia Lemke

To Make a Dadaist Poem...